Now Accepting Bookings
for WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana

If you are interested in Tito Santana making an Appearence, Autograph Shows,
Wrestling Clinics/Training Seminars, Motivational Speaking Engagements, and or working for your promotion!

Please contact me at (David Frederick),
with the Name & Office and/or Cell Phone Number
name of wrestling promotion or company, internet address
city & state of your home base of operations

Successful Bookings
(These events were by Promoters contacting me via email to book Tito Santana)

2011/June 14: Mike Trash/Trash Talking
09/October 29: Gary Cubeta from Interview
09/July 14: NJ Resident Tito Santana is interviewed by Dean Greco
09/May 05: Tito Santana will  live on Sirius XM Radio Channel 127, at 4:15PM on Tuesday May 12th on their show "Busted Open" May 05: 
09/February 08: IHL Milwaukee Admirals 9th Annual Bodyslams on Ice
09/January 31: Manchester, England WrestleSlam 2
08/October 18: ACPW Springfield, PA
08/October 04: NWL Martinsburg, WV
08/September 19: WWW Durham, NY
08/August 22: Barnes & Noble  Book Sellers Wilkes Barre, PA
08/August 03: XICW Detroit, MI
07/Sept 30: ECPW Nova Scotia, Ontario, Canada
07/August 25&26: Legends of the Ring V Convention Cateret, NJ
07/May 25: Bad News Brown Tribute Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
07/April 21: Montoursville, PA
07/March 24 & 25: IWC Night of Legends Franklin, PA
06/December 8 & 9: GLCW Blizzard Brawl II Grafton/Milwaukee, WI
06/October 07: WCWA Dream Reunion II Kokomo, IN