(Italics: Means no result available)

2010/October 30: Participates in a 7 Legends Battle Royale Tucson, AZ WUW
2010/September 11: Tito/Jay Santana & Merengue Warrior defeated The Blackwells (Butcher/Justin/Baby Bubba) ECPW Perth Amboy, NJ
2010/August 20: Tito Santana & Jimmy Snuka & Nicolai Volkoff beat Damien H.S. Darling & Tristan Law & Matt Saxon MCU Park, Coney Island, NY
2010/August 1: Tito Santana beat Danny Demento NWS
2010/May 22: Tito Santana beat NWS HW Champion Corey Havoc in a non title match Livington, NJ
2010/March 7: Tito Santana beat Judas Young NWS Madison, NJ
2010/March 05: Tito Santana beat Kevin Matthews NWS Dumont, NJ
2010/February 20: Tito Santana & Fady The Arabian Bull & Mr. Casino defeated Frank Scoleri & Kraig Stagg & Aaron Stride West Patterson, NJ IWF February Fury
2010/February 19: Tito Santana & Kevin Knight defeated Chris Steeler & Damian Adams West Patterson, NJ IWF February Fury

2009/December 12: Tito Santana beat Kevin Matthews NWS Flemington, NJ
2009/November 14: Tito Santana beat Danny Doring (King Ran-sid Akhbar Idu Stinq & bodyguard "Too Cocky" Kevin Matthews) NWS Basking Ridge, NJ
2009/August 22: Tito Santana beat "The Thunder from Down Under" Michael Foster in Marshfield, MA (Empire Pro Wrestling)
2009/August 1: Tito Santana defeated Jerome Hendrix in Reading, PA (Regional Championship Wrestling)
2009/July 11: Austin Roberts (w/Ripper Manson) beat Tito Santana, after Manson tripped Santana, in Bridgeville, Il
2009/June 27: Tito Santana defeated (TNA Star) Shiek Abdul Bashir in Edinburgh, TX
2009/May 15: Tito & Jay Santana beat The Repeat Offenders in Amsterdam, NY (ECPW/PWHOF Show)
2009/March 27: Tito Santana & Danbury Mad Hatters Coach Dave McIsaac defeated Honky Tonk Man & Greg Valentine in Danbury, CT
2009/March 07: The Young Bucks and Tito Santana beat The Cutler Brothers & King Haku in Cudahy, CA (FCW)
2009/January 24: Tito Santana beat Kodiak Bear in Brooklyn, NY (ECPW)

2008/December 20: Tito Santana defeated The Masked Superstar in Edison, NJ (ECPW)
2008/November 14: Tito Santana vs Rasche "Skullkrusher" Brown in Waukesha, WI (BTW)

2008/November 08: Tito Santana & Doink defeated The Brain Surgeons in Webster, MA (BTW)
2008/November 07: Tito Santana defeated Danny Davis, Malden Ma (USWF)
2008/October 18: ACPW Tri State Champion Helter Skelter beat Tito Santana via count out Springfield, PA
2008/October 04: Tito Santana & Latin Tornado beat Killer Studs: Gustin Uberstud & "Giant Killer" Brandon Scott (when Santana pinned Uberstud) in Martinsburg, WV [NWL]
2008/September 27: Tito Santana pinned Demios w/Liz Savage [Awesome Wrestling] Toms River, NJ
2008/September 19: Tito Santana beat The Texas Outlaw in Durham, NY [Wild World of Wrestling]
2008/August 03: Tito Santana defeated XICW Xtreme Champion Eddie Venom w/ Truth Martini by DQ  (due to interference from Martini)
2008/August 01: Tito Santana beat Danny Demento NWS Union, NJ
2008/May 31: Tito Santana defeated Ace Darlling in Lanoka Harbor, NJ (NWS)
2008/January 19: Tito & Jay Santana w/Johnny "Goumba" Diamond defeated "Dastardly" Danny Doring & Nicky Oceans (w/Salvatore Sincere) in North Plainfield, NJ (NWS)

2007/October 28: Elimination Match Tito Santana & Biggie Biggs & Antonio Rivera beat Justin Corino & Frank Scoleri & Bryan Harley in West Paterson, NJ (IWF)
2007/October 27: 2/3 Falls Tito Santana & Tony Torres & Kevin Knight  beat (The Ross Family) Franciz & Travis Blake & Aaron Stride  w/Commissioner Rich Ross in West Paterson, NJ (IWF)
2007/October 13: Tito Santana beat Freak Show via disqualification when Hell's Hitmen interfered in Wilmington, OH (Bash on the Blacktop) (UIW)
2007/September 30: Tito Santana defeated Robert Roode in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada (ECPW)
2007/August 18: Tito Santana defeated Danny Demanto w/ King Ran-sid Akhbar Idu Stinq in Neptune, NJ NWS 
2007/August 17: Tito & Jay Santana defeated Demanto & Insance w/Kevin Matthews (Tito pinned Demanto) in Belleville, NJ NWS
2007/August 16: Tito Santana defeated Danny Demanto w/ King Ran-sid Akhbar Idu Stinq in Seaside Heights, NJ  NWS 

2007/August 12: Tito & Jay Santana competed in an 8 Team Tag-Team Elimination match for the JCW Tag Team Championships won by Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher
* Alofa pinned Axl Rotten, eliminating The Bad Breed (Axl & Ian Rotten)
* Tito Santana pinned Samu, eliminating The Headshrinkers (Samu & Alofa)
* Doug Basham pinned Zach Gowen, eliminating Pimp & Gimp Connection (Zach Gowen and Human Tornado)
* Brute Issei pinned Jay Santana, eliminating Tito & Jay Santana.
* Doug Basham pinned Brute Issei, eliminating Team All Japan (Brute Issei & Akira Raijin)
* Mad Man Pondo pinned Doug Basham (The Basham Brothers: Doug Basham and The Damaja) to win the match
2007/July 14: Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine in London, Ontario, Canada WrestleRock (The League)
2007/June 09: Tito Santana inducted into the Rio Grande Valley Sports Hall of Fame
2007/May 25: Tito Santana wrestled Jim Niedhart to a double countout at Bad News Brown Tribute Show in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
2007/May 12: Tito Santana defeated Brian "The Blade" Gamble, at Mayhem in Melbourne II (Florida Extreme Wrestling)
2007/April 21: Tito Santana defeats Heartthrob Romeo Roselli (WWC) at Montoursville Mayhem in Montoursville, PA
2007/April 14: Tito Santana defeated Kevin Matthews (NWS) in Tower City, PA
2007/March 25: Tito Santana beat Greg Valentine (when Ivan Putski countered Larry Sweeney's interference) in Franklin, PA IWC Nights of Legends III
2007/March 25: Tito Santana & Tony Torres & Antonio Rivera w/Eloy Fiesta defeated Travis Blake & Franciz & Justin Corino in West Paterson, NJ. IWF Reckless Abandon 10th Annv.
2007/March 09Tito Santana & Gino Caruso & Rocky Jones defeated Honky Tonk Man & Kodiak Bear & Superstar 2000 in Suffern, NY (ECPW)
2007/February 03: Tito Santana & Jimmy Snuka defeated  Team F-View (Tyger Smith & J.C. Money) in Rochester, NY (NEW Fatal Attraction)


December 9: El Vato & Tito Santana beat The Love Machine Matt Longtime & Mason Quin in Grafton, WI GLCW Blizzard Brawl
December 8: El Vato & Tito Santana beat Angel Armoni and The Black Scorpion in Milwaukee, WI GLCW Blizzard Brawl
December 1: Tito & Jay Santana defeated The Baghdad Bullies (TNT & Saddam Insane) (NWS) Bergenfield, NJ
November 11: AWF HW Champion Tito Santana defeated Salvatore Sincere in York, PA (NCW)
November 11: Tito Santana defeated Palmer Canon in Machias, ME (All Out Mayhem)
October 14: Tito Santana defeated NWS Hardcore Champion Johnny Candido in a non title match in Richfield Par NJ (NWS)
 (In what started out as a wrestling match, but quickly turned into a hardcore bout)
October 13: Tito Santana defeated Shane Taylor in Red Bank, NJ (NWS)
October 7: Tito Santana w/Tammy Sytch wrestled Greg Valentine w/Jimmy Hart to a double count out in Kokomo, IN WCWA Legends Reunion
September 30: Tito Santana defeated King Kahlua in Manville, NJ (NWS)
September 29: Tito Santana wrestled Jimmy Snuka to a no contest in a Lumberjack Match, when the lumberjacks charged the ring in Falls River, MA (Top Rope Promotions)
September 24: Tito Santana beat Jessy Jones by submission in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada (PWX)
September 10: Tito Santana & The Slackers defeated Buck Chyld & Phat Blues Inc. Security Team in Dundolk, MD (MCW)
August 12: Capitol Legends Fest in Rockville, MD (Santana will appear only on Saturday 8/12)
August 9 Wildwood, NJ
- Tito Santana wrestled Jo-Jo w/Corvis Fear to a no contest in Wildwood, NJ NWS Beach Bedlam 
- Tito & Jay Santana defeated Jo-Jo & Corvis Fear (when Jay pinned Corvis)
July 27: Tito Santana defeated Brutus Beefcake in Somerset, KY Legends of Wrestling
July 8: Tito Santana beat Andy Chene in South Bend, Indiana (IAW)
June 19: Rio Bravo & Tito Santana beat Hombre sin Miedo & Laredo Kid in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico
June 10: Tito Santana beat Greg Valentine (Southern Championship Wrestling) in Anniston, AL
May 20: Tito Santana beat Simon Diamond (National Wrestling Superstars) in Jackson, NJ
May 13: Tito Santana defeated Hasheem Ali (National Wrestling Superstars) in Park Ridge, NJ
April 29: Tito Santana defeated Romeo Roselli in New Haven, CT (Conneticut Championship Wrestling)
April 22: Spyder & Tito Santana defeated Stockade & King Kong Bundy (New York Wrestling Connection) in Deer Park, NY
March 24: Tito Santana defeated Brutus Beefcake via reversed decision, after Beefcake had pinned Santana using his feet on the ropes, in Falls River, MA (Top Rope Promotions)
February 25: Tito Santana & Fred Sampson & Dan McGuire defeated Kevin Knight & Shawn Donovan & Travis Blake in West Paterson, NJ (IWF) 
January 13: Tito Santana defeated Arch Kincaid (East Coast Pro Wrestling)

2005/December 10: Kaoma Jr. & Oscuridad & Rio Bravo & Tito Santana beat Hombre sin Miedo & Laredo Kid & Principe Zafiro & Rey Cometa in Guadalajara, Mexico
2005/November 11: Tito Santana & Jim Duggan beat Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake in Dix Hill, NY (Power Wrestling Alliance)
2005/September 10: Greg Valentine beat IWA Champion Tito Santana to win the title in Davie, FL (when Jimmy Hart threw in Brass Knux)
2005/August 27: Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine to win the IWA Title in Valley Forge, PA WrestleReunion
2005/July 16: Tito Santana defeated Kevin Knight in Allentown, PA (National Wrestling Superstars)

2004/July 9: NWS show including Tito Santana in Pemberton, NJ
2004/May 14: Tito Santana defeated Kevin Knight in Bloomfield, New Jersey (National Wrestling Superstars)
2004/April 24: Tito Santana defeated Sal Sincere in Cartaret, NJ (National Wrestling Superstars)
2004/March 14: Tito Santana inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania XX pay per view in New York City, NY
2004/March 13: Tito Santana inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame in New York City, NY
2004/April 12: Tito Santana defeated The Executioner (East Coast Pro Wrestling)
2004/November 10: Gloucester, VA (Virginia Championship Wrestling)
- Tito Santana defeated Wallace Stillhammer in 
- Tito Santana, Larry Zbysko, Nikolai, Voloff and Ivan Koloff were honored in a Legends Ceremony

2003/May 10: Tito Santana turns 50

2000/January 10: Dungeon Match: Tito Santana defeated Jeff Jarrett in Buffalo, NY. Monday Nitro (Santana's only appearence in WCW)

99/June 05: Tito Santana vs Chef D.Z Gillespie in Phillipsburg, NJ (FWA)
99/May 13: Tito Santana vs Romeo Valentine  in Red Lion, PA (National Championship Wrestling)
99/August 7: Tito Santana vs Lou Carconi in Steelton, PA (IPW)

98/June 20: Tito Santana vs the Iron Shiek in Bushkill, PA (IPW)

96/October 5: AWF TV Taping Ft. Lauderdale, FL
- Tito Santana defeated AWF HW Champion Bob Ortan Jr to win the title.
- Bob Ortan Jr w/Adnan El Kassie defeated AWF HW Champion Tito Santana to win then title. TV Taping (Title was then declared vacant by AWF Commisioner Jim Brunzell)
96/August 18: AWF HW Champion Tito Santana defeated Bob Ortan Jr in Oakville, WA
96/August 17: Charlie Norris & Tito Santana defeated Bob Orton Jr. & Blacktop Bully in Oakville, WA (AWF)
96/August 16: AWF HW Champion Tito Santana defeated Blacktop Bully in Oakville, WA

95/??/??: AWF HW Champion Tito Santana vs Ronnie Vegas. TV Taping
95/??/??: AWF HW Champion Tito Santana defeated The Bounty Hunter. TV Taping

94/November 29: TV Taping Chicago, IL
- Tito Santana defeated Bob Orton Jr. in a tournament final to win the first AWF Heavyweight Title
- Tito Santana defeated Tommy Rich (AWF HW Title Semifinals)
- Tito Santana defeated Mr. Hughes w/Adnan El Kassie (AWF HW Title Quarterfinals)
- Tito Santana defeated Hercules Hernandez w/Adnan El Kassie (AWF HW Title First round)
94/??/??: Tito Santana defeated the Ultimate Destroyer
94/November 6: Pegasus Kid & Too Cold Scorpio & Tito Santana beat Jerry Estrada & La Parka & Blue Panther [14:51] (when Pegasus pinned Panther) Los Angelos, CA
     When World Collide PPV 

93/October 28: Ted Dibiase defeated Tito Santana [14:35] via countout in Amarillo, TX. Funk Free-For-All
93/August 8: ECW (Eastern Championship Wrestling) TV Taping Philadelphia, PA
- Tito Santana defeated ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco to win the title 
- Tito Santana & Stan Hansen beat Don Muraco & Shane Douglas via disqualification
-ECW Heavyweight Champion Tito Santana beat Vladimir Koloff. (Santana vacated the title by September 1993, due to no longer working for company)
93/May 10: Tito Santana turns 40